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Promotoras por Justicia Migratoria

About Our

Promotoras por Justicia Migratoria (Advocates for Immigration Justice) acknowledges the harmful and irreparable damages that notary (notario) fraud/immigration "consultant" fraud has had on undocumented families within our community. Together, we are committed to the empowerment of our community and aspire to further advocate for victims of this type of fraud. 

Notario Fraud

We prevent notario fraud by uniting and educating mixed immigrant status families and community members. Our community should better know how to identify who is intending to commit fraud and who is actually qualified to assist with one's immigration case. 

Holding Notario's Accountable

Notario fraud continues to be prevalent in Ventura County. Members of the community unknowingly entrust these notarios with personal information, cash, and private documents thinking they will receive professional representation in return. Notario's need to be held accountable for breaking their trust with community and defrauding them. 


Our dedication to Ventura County

Partnering with the Community

Get Involved -
Prevent Notario Fraud, Hold Them Accountable


Interested in volunteering? Join one of our many committees to prevent notario fraud and hold them accountable. Whether you prefer to work behind the scenes and be at the forefront, we encourage you to take up space in the organizing community! 

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