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Report Immigration Fraud

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Do's and Don'ts to seeking help with your immigration case.

It is important to understand the risks that come with entrusting someone who is not an attorney or accredited representative from an accredited organization. This blog will break down some information to help you make your decision.

Never hire anyone who:

  • Asks you to sign blank forms

  • Tells you to lie or provide false information on an application

  • Refuses to provide you a written contract

  • Says they have special connections with Immigration officials

  • Keeps your original documents

Who can I trust with my immigration case?

The only two people you can trust with your immigration case is a licensed immigration attorney and an accredited representative.

The damage notaries ("notarios") can cause:

  • Irreparable Harm to Immigration Cases

  • Ruined lives with great loss of money and lost legal status opportunities

  • Cases denied

  • Incorrect forms

  • Improper payments

  • Be deported or placed in deportation proceedings

  • Family members traveling to their home country and denied a visa to return

If you are a victim of fraud, make a report!

No one will ask about your immigration status!

Call District Attorney Investigator, Eduardo Miranda at (805) 765-5514



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